Düsseldorf announced as 2011 host

For the first time since 2004 we are headed to a non-capital city for the Eurovision Song Contest.

As previously reported, Düsseldorf was the big favourite to host the upcoming event at the Esprit Arena, built in 2004. The arena has a capacity of up to 60,000 people for concerts, however will hold around 24,000 spectators for the contest.

According to Eurovision.tv there were several cities that meet the requirements to host the upcoming contest which therefore made the announcement take longer than usual.

Düsseldorf will host the two Semifinals, on May 10th and 12th plus the Grand Final on May 14th. It is expected that rehearsals will begin May 1st.

Stay tuned!

More Information:

Düsseldorf is situated very close to Cologne and sits near the Rhine River. Modern Düsseldorf is business and financially friendly and is known for its fashion and trade fairs.

Düsseldorf proposes the biggest arena with the “Esprit Arena” having a capacity of over 50,000. The size however could prove to be an issue for spectators and the camera work – but has the overall best suited arena for the contest’s modern technical needs.

Above: Panorama of Düsseldorf