Dutch commentator: “UK only country without a clue how to score at Eurovision”

In our latest episode of the ESCDaily Show the commentator for The Netherlands Cornald Maas talks about the role of commentators at the Eurovision Song Contest. He looks critical at the approach in the United Kingdom towards the contest.

“Graham Norton is very funny, but the United Kingdom is the only country that still does not have a clue about what to do to score at Eurovision,” Maas tells us. “It has something to do with the thought Eurovision is only about laughing at songs. It is a pity, because the United Kingdom has such good music. And Eurovision is also about music, of course.”

United Kingdom has an image problem, also within the BBC itself

ESC Insight’s Eleanor Chalkley was sitting next to Cornald Maas in the talkshow. She has the same concers about her own country at Eurovision and the bad image it is having. “A delegation is making an effort, but other parts of the same organisation are working against the hard work being done by the delegation. I don’t know whether they realize that his is the reason why top-10 British acts would be putting their work on the risk.”