“EBU and KAN will help Duncan Laurence if he gets a first half draw”

Christer Björkman EBU SVT Eurovision

Even if Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands gets a first half draw, he will have a solid chance to win Eurovision. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum concludes this in today’s episode of Daily Coffee. “You gotta think that EBU and KAN will give him 11, 12 or 13 and he can win from those positions.”

The running order will be decided later tonight, after the qualifiers from semi 2 have drawn halves. There are only three more spots open in the second half, and many top favorites still to perform in tonight’s show. After the draw, EBU and KAN will decide, together with producer Christer Björkman, who gets which spot.

In the episode, Van Gorkum and Dennis van Eersel also discuss last night’s jury rehearsal. Duncan Laurence gave his best performance so far, yet Van Gorkum favors Sweden to have won the jury vote. “John Lundvik and “Too late for love” is the entry that ticks all the boxes, hits all the green flags. It’s the perfect jury entry. Yet Duncan Laurence has the most difficult song to sing and he sung it so well…”

Van Gorkum was less happy with Sergey Lazarev’s performance. Given that Russia needs the jury vote to compete for victory this year, he hopes that the Russian superstar will perform better on Friday night during the jury final.