EBU: Armenia to change song title

The Armenian delegation has decided to change its controversial song title from Don’t Deny to Face the Shadow. The song itself has not changed.

According to the EBU, Armenia’s broadcaster AMPTV changed the title of the song ‘in order to take away any suggestion of political intent behind the song and “to strengthen the concept of an anthem of peace, love and unity“, according to Gohar Gasparyan, Head of Delegation on behalf of AMPTV.’

Many people had frowned upon the initial title Don’t Deny, that allegedly referred to the Armenian genocide that took place exactly 100 years ago. Several governments around the world, including the Turkish government, do not recognize the events as genocide.

After the announcement of the song title, as well as the band name Genealogy, Eurovision followers speculated about whether the EBU would account Armenia for the supposedly political content of its entry. The Armenian delegation however decided to avoid such discussion and change the song title.

The name of the band remains Genealogy. The lyrics of the chorus, featuring the phrase “Don’t Deny”, also has not been changed.