EBU: “Pre-recorded backing vocals could remain, evaluation after the contest”

Martin Osterdahl EBU
Martin Österdahl

Backing vocals on tape could remain in the Eurovision Song Contest, even in a post-pandemic world. Executive Supervisor for the EBU Martin Österdahl says: “We will evaluate this after the contest and decide what is the best way forward.”

“We said we were gonna try it this year, because we knew early that we would have to restrict the delegation sizes,”
Österdahl adds. “It seemed like a good option to let the delegations know early. That’s because of COVID, but perhaps it could translate into a post-pandemic world as well. We don’t know yet.”

2021 marks the first year in the history of the contest in which backing vocals can be prerecorded. In previous editions, participants needed to perform all vocals live.

Watch the full item with Martin Österdahl below:

This item has been made for the online press centre updates at Eurovision 2021, with which Team ESCDaily collaborates during these two Eurovision weeks.

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  1. I need to say that the first year when prerecorded backing vocals were used is 1999. The only difference that time is that the person who recorded the backing vocals needed to be on stage for the performance. Croatia did not follow this rule and a third of the points received was deducted (only for relegation rules that were used at the time).

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