EBU: “First semi final was stronger than many Eurovision finals”

Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand believes that the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was such a good show, it was stronger than some Eurovision finals we have seen in te past. Sand has said this at the EBU Press Conference of the contest in Lisbon.

“I have been around Eurovision since 1998, and I can not remember we have had such a strong heat in Eurovision,” Jon Ola Sand tells us. “The first semi final was stronger than some of the final of the past. Out of this we will form a final on Saturday, which will be quite memorable.”

Cheapest Eurovision Song Contest since 2008

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is the cheapest edition of the biggest music competition in ten years time. Even though it is hard to compare each edition, Jon Ola Sand is happy with the numbers. “Every year it is a different economic setting. Some broadcaster calcute the costs of their own staff, and others do not. The same applies for investments in equipment. Some broadcasters get huge funding from their government. So the financial setup is different every year, it is very difficult to compare the numbers. But we have the lowest costs since the contest of 2008 this year.”