EBU on possible permanent stay for Australia: “They have proved themselves”

Jon Ola Sand says that a permanent participation for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest is still a topic within the Reference Group of the contest. The EBU’s Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest has said this to ESCDaily.

“It is still a topic,” Sand tells us. “Australia have proved to deliver good artists, results and engagement. So we will discuss this. The next meeting of the Reference Group will be in January. If it is not on the agenda then, we will talk about it later. But we will decide if it stays the current model or open a permanent seat for Australia.”

What about the Asiavision contest?

The future of Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest may also depend on the development of the plans for a new ‘Asiavision Song Contest’. Jon Ola Sand also told us about the current state of such a new contest.

“We hope that it will become reality, but it is complicated. It is a different market, so it takes time to get the right interest from the right stakeholders. ESC is not so well known in Asia and other markets. But hopefully soon, ESC Asia will become alive.”