Oslo 2010: EBU press conference

Live from Oslo, this is the annual state of the union address by the EBU, with Executive Supervisor Svante Stockselius in attendance.

Svante has taken the microphone. He was “happy with voting, it was a fair voting”. On the race, “it was a close race between the last country to qualify and first to not qualify- a margin of 3 pts”.

“One country did not reach enough calls, and so the jury was used for 100%.”
“Some problems with¬†synchronisation¬†in a few countries, but this was down to those broadcasters- the signal that went out from Norway was perfect”.
Broadcasts in Australia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Montenegro, and Kosovo.
Jury members must be music industry professionals- five in each country. “Pretty good bunch” of jury members, including “a couple of former performers, and one former winner”.

“Tougher approach of rule-violations, and in Eurovision is not a political event” in reply to the votingl ast year in Azerbaijan. “By tougher, we’re not talking about fines, we’re talking about disqualification”.

Provisional dates for 2011:
17th May Semifinal 1
19th May Semifinal 2
21st May Final

Svante has taken a question about bringing back Italy, to which he replied that he would “love to have” them back. He said that they “discuss every year”, are “getting closer, but are not quite there”.

Alexander Rybak has been presented as a special guest, and is taking questions.