EBU: “Romania definitely not participating in 2016”

After the news that Romanian private broadcaster PRO TV was willing to take over broadcasting rights for Romania and allow Ovidiu Anton to participate in Eurovision 2016. EBU have confirmed to ESCDaily that Romania will still “definitely not participate” in Eurovision 2016.

According to Romania Insider, PRO TV had sent an open letter to the contest’s organizers to convince them that Romania and its representative Ovidiu Anton should participate this year. This news came after EBU withdrew TVR as a public member and revoked their rights to televise Eurovision 2016, weeks before their rehearsals in Stockholm due to unpaid debts up to €14.5 million that have originated since 2007.

PRO TV CEO Aleksandras Cesnavicius stated that:

“Ovidiu Anton is ready to participate. And we’re stepping in to say that, if you can’t give the rights to the public television, then why can’t we, a private television, intervene and take over the rights? It is the best solution for everyone. We will discuss with EBU (the organizers, etc), and offer this solution”.

As the EBU is a conglomerate of public broadcasting networks the chances of PRO TV’s immediate inclusion and televised rights to the Eurovision Song Contest were regarded as “unlikely”. PRO TV released an online petition afterwards in order to add public momentum to their claim.

Paul Jordan of the EBU re-confirmed to ESCDaily that even with PRO TV’s interest that Romania will “definitely not be participating” in Eurovision 2016. EBU however state that TVR could participate in Eurovision 2017 if solutions can be found.

More info at: http://www.romania-insider.com/protv-romania-eurovision-2016-169698/.
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