EBU schedules extra technical rehearsal for Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence will have one extra technical rehearsal today. EBU has confirmed this news to ESCDaily. The rehearsal will take place right after the 6 finalists have rehearsed.

During its official Eurovision rehearsal yesterday, The Netherlands already received more time on the clock. Duncan Laurence later stated that he “has full confidence in the KAN production team”. However, ESCDaily has sources that say the Dutch delegation has been unhappy with KAN’s camera work throughout the first Eurovision week.

The Netherlands has plans to use a big lightbulb in its staging. The lightbulb is supposed to hang on the ceiling, but up until now, the Israeli production team has struggled with where to hang it.

ESCDaily is at the Tel Aviv press center, however, EBU has told us the rehearsal for Netherlands will not be visible on the big screens.

Eric Saade had extra rehearsals for his breaking glass

Extra rehearsals, while rare, are not unprecedented in the Eurovision Song Contest. Top favorite Eric Saade from Sweden is one famous example. In 2011 in Düsseldorf, he spent two hours of extra time on stage, while the crew tried to make his breaking glass cage work.