EBU: No signs that Turkey will return

The return of Turkey to the Eurovision Song Contest might take longer than some fans hope for. A spokesperson from the EBU has confirmed to ESC Daily that there is currently no indication that Turkey will come back to the contest in 2015. Multiple sites already reported that Turkey would make its return to the contest in 2015.

A spokesperson from the EBU told ESC Daily today that this is all gossip, but that they are still in contact with broadcaster TRT to negotiate a possible return. The EBU also hopes to welcome back some former Yugoslavian countries, that are skipping the contest this year for multiple reasons. Although the organisers of the contest are not giving any guarantees, they expect that their return would be more likely than the return of Turkey.

Serbia, for example, expressed that they only left the contest because of organizational issues. Croatia wanted to take a break to rethink their strategy, whereas money is the main issue in Bosnia. With a jubileum edition coming up, the EBU is hopeful that all three countries