Eurovision 2017: EBU suggests to delay Yulia’s ban to enter Ukraine

Now that Russian broadcaster Channel One decided not to use the offer to let Yulia Samoylova perform through a satellite connection, the Executive Supervisor of the contest has another idea to let Russia take part as planned. Jon Ola Sand hopes that Ukraine is willing to grant Yulia access to the country and delay her ban until after the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. 

In an interview with Danish broadcaster DR, Sand admits that a number of members of the union have approached the EBU. They shared their concerns about the current situation. As is the case with many Russian artists, Yulia Samoylova performed in Crimea after the Russian annexation in 2014. Because she went to Crimea without using the border control in Ukraine, that nation has now issued a travel ban. Thus making Yulia unable to attend Kiev for the upcoming song contest.

Why has EBU not delayed Eurovision 2017?

Broadcaster DR also states they issued their concerns about the preparations of the contest in Kiev before. The tight time schedule may not have any impact on the quality of the show, for which EBU members pay a lot of money.

The EBU needs to deliver in May and guarantee three shows of the quality we are used to. Once again, the decision not to reschedule the dates of the contest comes back to haunt the EBU.

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  1. The Eurovision should give Ukraine the following choices:

    Either you allow Russia to participate like everyone else,

    Or the EBU should allocate this years Eurovision to another country!

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