EBU: ‘We have to be inclusive to new countries’

Sietse Bakker

The EBU is always looking for ways to involve new countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. So after the Australian influence of the last three years, other new countries might follow. Last monday, ESCDaily.com covered the news that China wants to be involved in Eurovision in the near future.

Event supervisor Sietse Bakker told us: “In countries like Australia, China, Canada and South-Africa, people look at this contest as an amazing oppurtunity for artists and and as a lot of fun to watch. They really admire Europe for having build such a tradition, and if they are interested in our European tradtion I think we should be inclusive and in some way involve them with the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Chinese broadcaster Hunan Television is hoping to be included in the contest in some way, just like it happened with Australia in the past. And the EBU is not saying “no” in advance:

“The Eurovision Song Contest has been able to grow because of the interest from a growing number of countries,” says Bakker. “We had one semi-final in 2004, another one added in 2008. And of course if we see more interest from countries like Canada and China, at some point we have to consider what we need to do with that interest. But for now, that is a question for the long term future.”