EBU’s Yakovlev: “In my mind, Australia is a part of Europe”

In the middle of stressful rehearsal sessions, EBU and host broadcaster BNT had a press conference Wednesday afternoon. The journalists showing up had several questions for Director General of BNT Viara Ankova, EBU’s Vladislav Yakovlev, and Executive Producer Joana Levieva-Sawyer. The topics included karaoke versions, online voting and the possibility to go to Melbourne if Australia wins.

When a question was asked about the situation of the number of the participating countries, Vladislav Yakovlev expressed that the EBU is happy with the current trend of the increase of western European countries in the competition each year, pointing out this year’s debut countries Ireland and Australia. The latter caused a huge laugh in the room. “In my mind they’re a part of Europe now”, Yakovlev cheerfully added.

Radio International asked what the chances were for the Junior Eurovision to be hosted down under for example in Melbourne or Sydney. While Vladislav Yakovlev did say that SBS first has to agree to host the event, he added that a co-production with another broadcaster in Europe is the most likely outcome.

Watch all the questions asked in our video report below: