Edgaras Lubys victorious in heat 2 of Eurovizijos in Lithuania

Edgaras Lubys qualified for the final of Eurovizijos and will have a shot at the ticket to Tel Aviv to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The second heat of Eurovizijos 2019 took place in Lituania today. 13 artists competed  for a place in one of the two semi finals (9 and 16 February) of the Lithuanian preselection for Eurovision 2019.

Only half of all 13 songs continued to the next round of Eurovizijos (which consists of 2 semi finals). The qualifiers are (in bold):

  1. Tiramisu – “The Smell of Your Eyes”
  2. Giedrius Nakas – “Klaidos”
  3. Justina Žukauskaitė – “Hit Me Harder”
  4. Lukas Bartaška – “River of Hope”
  5. Paola Hart – “I’ll Be Alright”
  6. Valdas Lacko – “Dare”
  7. Emilija Gogolytė – “Riddle”
  8. Edgaras Lubys – “To the Sky”
  9. Donata Virbilaitė – “Doing the Loop”
  10. Gražvydas Sidiniauskas – “Another Movie”
  11. Justina Budaitė-Junà – “Strength of a Woman”
  12. BANZZZAI – “I Don’t Care”
  13. Original Copy – “Power of Sounds”