Editorial: The participation list for 2015

Who will take part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? That is what every Eurovision fan wants to know these days. In this editorial we will explain how ESC Daily cover the subscription news and why some countries like Portugal and Bosnia-Herzegovina are not in our official list yet.

This week, we received a few questions from our readers about our list of official participating countries in Vienna 2015. In this article we will try to react to these questions and explain why we chose to present the news in the way we do, even though we realize it might be slightly different from other Eurovision websites.

First of all: We from ESC Daily think that you are all clever people, perfectly capable of drawing your own conclusions. That is why, unlike other websites, we do not want to bore you with long articles about the confirmation of a country like Denmark, which we all knew was going to participate. We only give special attention to those countries which participation has either been uncertain or controversial, like for example when Cyprus confirmed its return after a year of absence.

To make sure you can still find the latest news about every country, we have made you a clear and simple overview. Here you can find the exact details of all countries that have somehow confirmed their participation, either through official announcements or through other news channels.

We bring you the news as fast as possible. Yet we find it even more important to be reliable and truthful. Therefore, when it comes to the participating countries in Eurovision 2015, we separate between the official announcements from the broadcasters themselves, and the confirmation that some broadcasters seem to have given to other Eurovision websites.

Let’s take the United Kingdom as an example. We obviously presume that the BBC will be there in Vienna. However, we have not seen a official announcement of their appearance and their selection method. Therefore we have listed them in the group of countries that is not officially on board yet. Portugal and Bosnia & Herzegovina are other examples of countries that seem to be willing to participate, yet no official confirmation has been given. Italian broadcaster RAI, on the other hand, send out a tweet that they will be there. That is why Italy is in the official list.

Of course it is possible for us to miss a official announcement on Facebook, Twitter or the WorldWideWeb. Please, feel free to correct us and help us with official confirmations, so that we can present you the most accurate list of countries that will be joining us in Vienna next year.

In the meantime, please check out the list of participants here at ESC Daily. We will keep updating this news article for you whenever something happens.