Editorial: Poland has got something to choose from

Polish broadcaster TVP has something to choose from in the next year. Once again, the broadcaster will have an internal selection. And many artists have already applied for the job.

One of our dedicated readers, Krzysztof Miśkowicz, has informed us about the Polish stars, that have publically expressed their interest in representing Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Michał Szpak

The first name is Michał Szpak, who confirmed his dream is to participate in Eurovision way back in June. He spoke these words after the National Festival Polish Song in Opole, adding he would like to use the Latvian entry of this year as insipration for his potential Eurovision act.

Michał Szpak

This week, Michał released two songs, named “Color of Your Life” and “Such is life“. On Polish online webportal, his fanbase voted “Color of Your Life” as their favourite potential entry. Would it a be a good choice if TVP picks him for Eurovision? Listen to the song, and judge for yourself!


The next Polish possible candidate for Eurovison 2016 is Stashka. The winner of the Baltic Song Contest 2014 in Karlshamn. She recently expressed her interest in a public Facebook message, in Polish:

StashkaPostaram się w obecnej sytuacji, gdzie mało mam czasu na cokolwiek, dokończyć moją piosenkę i wysłać. Zdradzę Wam. Jest po angielsku z bardzo nośnym refrenem, do potańczenia, posłuchania, pośpiewania. Nie jest to ani pop ani folk.

Stashka says she is planning a song for Eurovision, which is not a ballad nor a folk song. It will be an English dance song with a rhytmic refrain. Stashka has finalized her song and will now send it to broadcaster TVP to judge if it is suitable for Stockholm. You can listen to another song of her, here.

Poland will announce their act in February 2016. Do you have some other good ideas for broadcaster TVP?