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Eduard Romanyuta‏ is our next interview from Ukraine and in this interview Eduard speaks about his participation in the selection process plus his favourite songs and career so far;

ESCDAILY: Hello Eduard! Can you tell us few words about yourself?
Eduard:  I live in Ukraine, I am 18 years old. I was born and grew up in Ternopil city. I am engaged in singing from childhood, but in addition to music, I wanted to learn another profession and, therefore, entered the Faculty of International Business and Management Ternopil National Economic University.

ESCDAILY: When did you first start singing?
Eduard: My parents say that I started singing first songs when I was two years old, and the first music contest in my life took place when I was 5. Then there was a contest in Bulgaria, where I took the first prize. In total I have 5 international Grand Prix: «Іtalіyska magіya» (Italy) 2000, «We are XXI century» (Bulgaria) 2003, «Perlyna pіvdnya» (Odessa, Ukraine) 1999, «Pіsenna magіya» (Bulgaria) 2003, «Sonyachnyi skіf» (Kam’yanets-Podіlsky, Ukraine) 2004. I also was a soloist on New Year’s concerts for 4 years in succession, which were arranged under the patronage from that time President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

ESCDAILY: Who are your musical inspirations and what kind of music do you listen to generally?
Eduard: At different times I performed with different music. When I was 5 years old I performed more folk music, after then was the period of classical music. By the way, while at the contest «Pіsenna magіya» in Bulgaria I met the legendary tenor Robertino Loretti, and afterwards the local press gave me a nickname «the Ukrainian Robertino Loretti».

ESCDAILY: Can you tell us few words about your song for Ukrainian national final?
Eduard: My contest song is called «Coasts». Despite the fact that it is lyrical by the mood, the track is quite groovy. We also shoot the music video on this track. Generally, it is difficult to talk about the song, it’s better to listen to it (laughs). You can listen to the song on my official website The site has English version.

ESCDAILY: What made you decide to enter the Ukrainian selection?
Eduard: I was in Germany for a long time, so I would like to return there (laughs). I am just kidding. First the song «Coasts» was created, we, together with the team listened to it and realised that we could perform it in such a contest as «Eurovision». I do not like the competitive spirit in music, but I like the atmosphere of contests. I feel as I am in my element, just because I had over 25 contests (18 Ukrainian, 7 international and 5 international Grand Prix).

ESCDAILY: What is your performance going to look like?
Eduard: At the national qualifying rounds we stand in a rock style with guitars, drums, and we even crush instruments on the stage. I can let me be a bit brawler on the stage, though I behave restrained in my life.

ESCDAILY: What do you expect from Ukrainian national selection?
Eduard: Objectivity. Of course, I hope for my victory in the national finals, this will give me the opportunity to represent my country in Dusseldorf. But on the other hand, I’ll take it easy if you do not pass, nevertheless «Eurovision» – it’s not an end in itself but a means.

ESCDAILY: What songs might I find on your MP3 player?
Eduard: Recent tracks I listened to belong Bruno Mars, Dead by April, Hurts, 30 seconds to Mars, Placebo, Periphery, The Rasmus, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jackson and many others.

ESCDAILY: Where would you like to perform the most?
Eduard: In Ternopil, where I come from, along with my friends and the city administration once a year we arrange a big concert, it’s called «Grand show of Eduard Romanyuta». In 2010, we had audience amounting 40 000 people . And the atmosphere, despite the chilly weather was very warm. When I manage to achieve a similar sentiment with the public, it is always nice. It does not matter what city or country you are visiting. I think the audience is the same everywhere, in the sense that it likes good music and does not like it when an artist is cheating on stage.

ESCDAILY: Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? If so, what are your favourite songs? Any from Ukraine in particular?
Eduard: Yes. I watch the contest. Last year, I liked the participants from Germany, Moldova, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Spain. According to the Ukrainians who performed at the competition, I like Ani Lorak very much, Ruslana and Tina Karol. They are very strong vocalist and beautiful girls.

ESCDAILY: Do you have a message for the readers of
Eduard: Greetings to all readers of portal and I hope to see you in Düsseldorf in the contest, but if not, come to Ukraine. There are many interesting towns and sightseeing which will be interesting to you. Be happy, don’t worry!

Below you can hear Eduard’s song for Ukrainian national final called Coasts;