Eight candidates left in Israel after José Steinberg’s exit

After the sixth heat in Israel, there are only eight candidates left in HaKokhav Haba, the search for ‘The Next Star of Eurovision’. One of these eight artsis will sing for Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The sixth heat was broadcast in two parts on the 28th and 29th of January. All nine remaining acts had to perform a song, and the act that got the lowest score by the audience had to leave the talent show. José Steinberg was the unlucky one, just one percent behind Adva Omer.

Results heat 6 in Israel for Eurovision 2018

01. Jonathan Mergui – 89%
02. Riki Ben Ari – 88%
03. Chen Aharoni – 86%
04. Ravit Batashvili – 79%
-. Eden Meiri – 79%
06. Howei Danao – 75%
07. Netta Barzilai – 70%
08. Adva Omer – 63%
09. José Steinberg – 62% (eliminated)