Eleven artists have one song left in San Marino

After the first two shows in San Marino, the eleven candidates to go to Eurovision 2018 have narrowed down their available songs. All artists sang two acoustic songs and a jury choose which song remains in the running.

Each bidding entry was assessed by the jury panel consisting of Zoë Straub, Vince Bugg and Neon Hitch. They determined which of the entries each candidate will compete with in the final of the national selection on the 3rd of March.

The eleven candidates in San Marino and their remaining songs

Basti – Stay
Camilla North – Yo no soy tu chica
Emma Sandström – Diamonds
Franklin Calleja – Stay
Giovanni Montalbano – Per quello che mi dai
Irol – Sorry
Jenifer Brening – Until the Morning Light
Jessika – Who We Are
Judah Gavra – Stay
Sara de Blue – Out of the Twilight
Tinashe Makura – Free Yourself

The selected song for each participant will be recorded as a studio version ahead of the final of the competition and is set to be made available no later than the 23rd of February. The grand final takes place on the 3rd of March in Bratislava.