End of the Year Special: What has the class of 2016 been up to? (1)

At the end of this year, we look back at the class of 2016 of the Eurovision Song Contest one more time. What have they been up to after the contest in Stockholm? Listen to new songs from Jamala, Barei, Douwe Bob and others!

Jamala – Zamanyly

We have to kick of this special with the winner of the contest in Globen: Jamala. To return to her roots, she decided to have a jam session with the group DakhaBrakha. The outcome was a dark song, called ‘Zamanyly’:

Douwe Bob – Jacob’s Song

Breathtaking. That is how we can describe the new single from Douwe Bob of The Netherlands, called ‘Jacob’s Song’. Because love is a great thing, but it can hurt as hell as well, as Douwe Bob states. Slow down and losten to this 6-minute track. It is worth it:

Franceska Michielin – Un cuore in due

We sure miss the contagious laugher of Italy’s Franceska, but we are happy to still have her music. ‘Un cuore in due’ is written in the same style as her Eurovision song. Including an arty video clip again as well.

Freddie – Na Jó, Hello

Have you been curious what it would soun d like to hear the raw vocal talents of Freddie in his native language Hungarian? Well wait no longer and find out in his follow-up single for ‘Pioneer’, called ‘Na Jó, Hello’:

Barei – Who plays the drums

The fans of Barei already know this song, since ‘Who plays the drums’ was already featured on the same album as her Eurovision-hit ‘Say Yay!’ and she even performed it at the Eurovision Village. Later she gained even more airtime with her next single, which failed to peak the charts in Spain:

Greta Salóme – Row

Perhaps it was the greatest injustice in recent Eurovision years: The fact that Greta Salóme failed to reach the final for Iceland. But Greta can not be stopped at all, as she proves in her next song ‘Row’ of which you are tempted to say that it would easily make it to a Eurovision final…

Kaliopi – Kesteni

Talk about artists that can not be stopped. Kaliopi! The Macedonian superstar did not make it to the final in Stockholm with ‘Dona’, but she keeps on rocking the Balkan. Headbang along to ‘Kesteni’ below.

In the next days we keep looking back at the class of 2016 and the new material they have released after the contest. Stay tuned to ESCDaily.com!