End of the Year Special: What has the class of 2016 been up to? (2)

At the end of this year, we look back at the class of 2016 of the Eurovision Song Contest one more time. What have they been up to after the contest in Stockholm? Listen to new songs from Dami Im, Amir, Michal Szpak and others!

Dami Im – Fighting For Love

Oh Dami, how you made Australia proud with your second place at Eurovision. And how we would love yoiu to return to the contest once. Especially when you give us songs like this, which are capable at a good run at the contest again. What a voice…

Michal Szpak – Rosanna

Dami Im was the winner of the jury-vote, Michal Szpak from Poland did extremely well in the televote. So we can not forget him in our last look back on the year 2016. His next song ‘Rosanna’ is also featured on his latest album “Byle Byc Soba”.

Amir – On Dirait

With a fourteenth place in the charts, the runner-up single of ‘J’ai Cherché’ by Amir was a slight success. ‘On Dirait’ has another hymn-vibe to it for a large crowd to join in.

Donny Montell – Light It Up

In the reactions section of this song by Donny Montell on his YouTube page, fans are already asking him to run at Eurovision 2017 again. With this song, but because of the release date ‘Light It Up’ is not allowed to take part. It is a very mellow laid-back song. Enjoy!

ZOË – La nuit des merveilles

It is that time of year again, so it makes sense that at least one participant of the 2016-contest released a Christmas single in recent months. ZOË from Austria did that. In French, obviously.

Jüri Pootsman – Nii Voi Naa

‘One way or another’ is the translation of the Estonian single by Jüri Pootsman, which he released a couple of months after his Eurovision failure. A track that can get high of, so if you are into that type of music, just hit play, cause that is the only way:

Argo – Pame

The Greek group Argo was the first act that NOT made it to the Eurovision final on behalf of Greece. There next song ‘Pame’, or ‘Let’s go!’ in English, would perhaps have done better on the stage in Stockholm.

Tomorrow we will again look back at the class of 2016 and the new material they have released after the contest. Stay tuned to ESCDaily.com!