End of the Year Special: What has the class of 2016 been up to? (3)

At the end of this year, we look back at the class of 2016 of the Eurovision Song Contest one more time. What have they been up to after the contest in Stockholm? Listen to new songs from Sergey Lazarev, Frans, Minus One and others!

Sergey Lazarev – Idealniy Mir

The next song by bronze medal winner Sergey Lazarev might be in Russian, but is still very contagious. He already performed this song a couple of times in 2015, but now has it revamped as the successor of ‘You Are The Only One’. In ‘Idealniy Mir’ Lazarev sings about a Perfect World. We might have that world in 2017, who knows…

Justs – Have It All

The Latvian entrant of 2016 sticks to English in his new LP ‘Have It All’. A different song when compared to ‘Heartbeat’, with a more mellow feeling to it and no dancing beat.

Minus One – Save Me

The guitars and drums are back, and so is Minus One! They left their wolves in Cyprus for their next song ‘Save Me’ though.

Nina Kraljic – Snijeg

A beautiful winter song by Nina Kraljic from Croatia, which is featured on her album that was released a couple of weeks ago. And of course, the song ‘Lighthouse’ that made it to the final for Croatia in 2016 is also on that track.

Frans – Young Like Us

You can hear that the team behind ‘If I Were Sorry’ is also behind the next song by Frans, called ‘Young Like Us’. His distinct vocals and style of singing can also be heard in this song. And knowing he achieved a fifth place in Stockholm, you might like this as well.

Sandhja – Love me high

Frans’ neighbour from Finland was not as succesful at Eurovision this year, but Sandhja will continue to make music. Her next single dropped within a month after her Eurovision failure. That’s how you cope with that!

Rykka – Bad Boy

Another artist who had to swallow a big disappointment was Rykka from Switzerland. But when we have had examples of artists that did not release any new songs at all, she also keeps going, with her latest track ‘Bad Boy’, which will also be on her forthcoming album “Beautitudes”.

So far for our End of the Year Special in which we looked back at the new songs of the class of 2016. We hope you enjoyed all our coverage this year and will keep on visiting our website ESCDaily.com!