Enigmatic Act ‘Circus Mircus’ to Represent Georgia at Eurovision

Georgia is next in line to reveal Eurovision news, and it’s Circus Mircus to fly the flag in Torino next year!

Circus Mircus is an act comprising of three members, all circus academy dropouts from the nation’s capital, Tbilisi. Information on the act is still vague, with the following statement released on the official Eurovision website and in the video below:

“Dear Earthlings,

This is a message from Circus Mircus.

We would like to inform you that according to the decision made by the Georgian Public Broadcaster, at the international song contest Eurovision, Georgia will be represented by Circus Mircus.

You ask, what is Circus Mircus?

It is a movement that brings together dozens of professionals from different fields to create an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

The cornerstone of their philosophy lies in the complete neglect of musical frameworks.

To talk to ‘Circus Mircus’ members and for further information, please email us.”

Even with a follow up video, the act is still ambiguous. Watch the video below: