Equinox: “Our staging is not too cold”

“Our song is about love. It’s a very warm song,” Equinox singer Trey Campbell said at the press conference. “So why do you use such a dark, cold staging?” Team ESCDaily asked in response.

“Well, for starters, our staging is not cold. The beginning is a bit dark, we will admit tot hat. However, the world is a very dark place. There is not always enough love in this world. That’s why we start out with a dark stage.”

“But later on it gets lighter. Towards the end, we bring the light on the stage, just like we hope our song can bring a little bit of light into the world.”

Why Zhana is wearing a wig

Additionally to our question, a Bulgarian journalist then asked what the reason was for the female singer to use a wig. She responded that this was for the same reason. “All the guys have black hair. My hair is dark too, but I wanted at least one of us to have light hair. Because that suits the performance and the message of the song.”

“Plus it fits her personality so much better,” Campbell added.