Ermal Meta frontrunner at Sanremo 2021 after first two nights

Ermal Meta at Sanremo 2021 photo: screenshot RAI

Ermal Meta is on top of the ranking of the ‘giuria demoscopica’ at Sanremo 2021. The winner of 2018 performed his new song “Un milione di cose da dirti” for the first time during the second night, and got the best results of all 26 acts thus far.

After the first night of the Sanremo Music Festival, Annalisa was on top of the ranking. Only Ermal Meta was able to surpass her song ‘Dieci’. This Saturday Sanremo 2021 concludes with the grand final, in which all acts will present their songs again. The best three will go on to a superfinal. The first two nights of the Italian music festival will showcase all artists presenting their songs for the first time. 13 of them did so on Tuesday night.

Previews on Sanremo 2021

Apart from Ermal Meta, who has won before, there are more familiar names. Lo Stato Sociale came in second just a few years ago and are making a comeback. As do ESC-2016 singer Francesca Michielin, who has teamed up with rapper Fedez. Francesco Renga won the contest in 2005 and Arisa was the last female winner in 2014.

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