Greece: ERT confirms Demy and her dream team for Kiev

We already wrote it this morning, but Greek broadcaster ERT has now confirmed the news officially. Singer Demy will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. She will be joined by a dream team of composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and stage designer Fokas Evagelinos.

Demy is the stage name of Dimitra Papadea, who has been making music since 2011 in the pop, R&B and dance genre and can be described as a diverse artist. She has been internally selected by broadcaster ERT and will perform three songs in a national final.

Stage director

Fokas Evagelinos is the most succesfull staging director in the history of the contest. All nine songs that Fokas Evagelinos staged as a creative director between 2004 and 2014 finished in the top 10 of the contest. You can watch a short overview of his amazing track record here:

We spoke to Evagelinos back in Vienna, about the reason why he has such a good track record. He told us: “I get influenced by the artists themselves. I never copy myself or others. You have to remember that it is a tv show. It is very important to keep that in mind. I only enter the contest with new things, big ideas. Otherwise I don’t take part, I want to uplift a song to a higher level. When the act is already fully done, there is no need for me to step in. I want to keep my track record and my own signature.”

Check out the full interview below:


Dimitris Kontopoulos is the songwriter behind Eurovision podium finishers ‘You Are The Only One’ (Russia 2016), ‘Hold Me’ (Azerbaijan 2013), and ‘Shady Lady’ (Ukraine 2008).