Ukraine: ESC 2011 selection finalised

As we previously reported, the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2011 will be a long spectacle of six heats, leading up to a national final in February. Back in August, castings took place in Kyiv, where a jury determined 35 performers to go towards a televised selection. These castings were also aired on the first channel of Ukraine (NTU) over a number of shows in September. Since then, they have all been preparing their songs for Eurovision, and submitted their songs at the start of the month. The draw for the heats in the selection have been also determined (video report here). And it can be seen below:

Heat 1
01. El Kravchuk – “Nadiya”
02. Group “Zaklyopki”
03. Inna Voronova
04. Yakiv Smyrnov
05. Christina Kim
06. Group “Zhemchoog”
07. Dariya Medova

Heat 2
01. Para Normal’nyh
02. Ivan Berezovskiy – “Ave Maria”
03. Mika Newton
04. Eduard Romanyuta
05. Shanti
06. Group “Metropolitan”
07. Group “Bahroma”

Heat 3
01. Group “ARMIYA”
02. Alexey Matias
03. Shanis
04. Vitaliy Galai
05. Arina Domski
06. Olena Korneeva – “Why Didn’t I Say Goodbye”
07. Oleksiy Kvarta

Heat 4
01. Anastasiya Pryhod’ko
02. Zlata Ognevich
03. Mila Nitich
04. Vladislav Levitskiy
05. Group “HEKSI”
06. Group “Dash”
07. Nataliya Pugatchova

Heat 5
01. Jamala – “Smile”
02. Denis Povaliy
03. Masha Sobko
04. Tanya Vorzheva
05. Maxim Novyts’kiy
06. Group “Vroda”
07. Pavlo Tabakov

Despite participating in the castings for the selection, Verka Serduchka has withdrawn his application to participate, so will be replacedby Pavlo Tabakov. All of the shows will be prerecorded (with live televoting) – some of the semi-final shows have been filmed today, and the rest will be filmed tomorrow (12-13th October) at Dovzhenko film studio.

The songs participating have not all been revealed, but some songtitles have been announced by each singer. From each semi-final, four acts will qualify – the jury will choosing three entries, and the televoters choosing one. The draw show will be broadcast this Sunday, with the live shows starting the week after.