ESC Daily Show (3): “People can relate to Blanche’s nerves”

In the third episode of our talkshow the ESC Daily Show Polish journalist Maciej Mazanski and Armenian journalist Syune Arakelyan look back at semi final 1 and forward on semi final 2. With Steef van Gorkum they – for instance – discussed the Belgian success in Kiev.

“I am happy, because the song is brilliant,” Maciej tells about the surprising qualification of Belgium after a weak week of rehearsals. “I was wrong as a Eurovision journalist. I thought Blanche looked so terrified, that people were not going to vote for her. But then, after the show, I heard that people could relate to her, because she was natural. People liked the fact that she was showing human emotions.”

Talking about Poland and Armenia

Of course the journalists talked about their own countries as well, Poland and Armenia both qualified for the final of Eurovision 2017. Armenia drew a starting slot in the first half of the show, which might harm their chances to get their best result ever.

Mazanski looks ahead on the allocation that the EBU will make: “I would love to see Italy perform as the first one, to make things more exciting. But the EBU is probably not brave enough for such a thing. As for Armenia, it is such a unique performance, it does not matter where they have been drawn.”