ESC Daily Show: “Odds for Bulgaria should have been lower after rehearsal”

The second episode of the ESC Daily Show gave us a lot of discussion, on several topics. For instance, Icelandic commentator Gísli Marteinn Baldursson and Aftonbladet journalist Torbjörn Ek talked about the chances for Bulgaria to win in Kiev.

Opinions are devided about the first rehearsal of Kristian Kostov. The bookmakers lowered the odds for Italy to win, after Bulgaria’s rehearsal. “This surprised me, since I thought they should have lowered it,” says Ek. “It is a nice staging of a modern pop song. Bulgaria will get a lot of votes by the young girls in Europe. They will fall in love with him.”

Gísli Marteinn Baldursson disagreed, and thinks Sweden is more of a contender to go up against Italy for the victory. Our two guests also had some good debate on Jacques Houdek from Croatia and the Scandinavian countries.

Watch the full episode here!

Stay tuned to, as our next episode of the talkshow will be recorded at the Euroclub in Kiev!