ESC Daily Show: ‘Staging is all about the details’

In the final episode of this year’s ESC Daily Show we caught up with Nicoline Refsing, who is the stage director of the Australian act. Even on this day of the jury final, she was still finetuning the stage performance by Dami Im: “It is all about the details.”

“You have to have the overall picture and the storytelling. But at the moment when you really connect with the audience is so precious,” Refsing explains. “You have to look at the camera at the right time. The details are so important when it comes to the finishing touch of staging.”

Besides Nicoline Refsing, Steef van Gorkum was also joined by Erik Bolks of OGAE International. They always make a huge fan poll, trying to predict who will do well at the contest. “Australia is one of the most favourite countries in our poll. Russia is the winner this year, but our fans are the most dedicated to Austria’s Zoë this year. She has her charm, it is really cosy and happy this year. But only the very dedicated fan vote in these polls, they know all the songs by heart and have quite a similar taste. Sometimes their ranking is the same as the actual results, sometimes it is really different.”