ESCDaily covers the aftermath of Eurovision 2019

Green Room First Semi-Final 2019 — Photo by: Thomas Hanses

It has been a month since Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, giving The Netherlands their first victory in the contest since 1975. We already looked ahead to 2020, but in the upcoming weeks, ESCDaily will look at the aftermath of the 2019 contest.

We team up with our Australian partner website Eurovision Union for this series of articles. On this inclusive website, you can not only find news about our beloved contest, but also take part in several quizzes and polls.

In The Aftermath we will take a look at the successes in this years contest, with the countries that got a top 10 result. Some of them have not had such a good result in recent years, whilst others continue their streak of success. But we also look at the disappointed nations, that did not do so well at the contest in Tel Aviv, among many nations that lost their great track record of qualifications from a semi final.

How did the artists react on their result? Will a disappointed country stay in the contest and try to do better? We take a look at the aftermath of the contest in many countries.