ESC Daily editor starts artist management agency

Preparations for Eurovision 2017 have already begun as Northern Irish artist management and promotion agency Cana Management have announced today a sub-division aimed at finding, working and promoting the best upcoming music talent to head to Ukraine next year.

Cana Management is formed by Brandon McCann, press editor at ESCDaily with over four years experience writing editorials, providing music consultation specifically for Eurovision. He has also worked at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards featuring artists such as Coldplay, Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. Having self-produced Europe Calling in partnership with, Brandon is now looking for upcoming singers, songwriters, musicians and more – interested in participating in Eurovision 2017.

“We want to focus on upcoming artists, supporting them throughout their progression towards established success,” says McCann. “Through my work at ESC Daily, I have been able to build a lot of knowledge about the Eurovision Song Contest and I have seen the immense impact of that journey on a young artists’ life. It is almost impossible to do it on your own.”

Cana Management wants to help aspiring Eurovision participants by providing all the personnel and tools necessary to produce the finest music in terms of songwriting, production and visual concept. McCann: “We’ll prepare for your full journey including touring, press relations and financial security.”

Currently Promoting:

 Andrew Carr

CanaManagement_02Launched his career through YouTube after his cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” reached over 150,000 views. Link to official page.

His debut EP ‘Tidal Wave‘ has received critical acclaim by critics and continues to gain radio-play across Ireland and UK.

Notable for his unique songwriting of electronic indie with orchestral themes. Most recently he released his first music video for ‘Strings‘ while writing new music.

Joe Barry Phillips

CanaManagement_03After holding a successful career as a male model has since focused on his passion for acoustic pop, performing as a singer and guitarist.
Link to official page.

Currently finalising his studies of Music at Ulster University while gigging throughout Ireland.

Utilising his skills on-camera is also working currently as a videographer. Through his work he self-produced his music video – ‘Don’t Stop‘ and is currently set to release his first album.

 Emmét McGonagle

CanaManagement_04Irish folk singer & songwriter from Northern Ireland – influenced by Passenger, Hozier & Bob Dylan. Link to official page.

Having performed on the Emmy award winning TV series: ‘Game of Thrones’ has since found a successful career touring his EP – Marigold throughout UK and Ireland.

Recently released his debut music video for “Nothing New” from his latest EP. Currently writing and accepting new music for 2017.

Do you want to know more about Cana Management? Contact them today to find out more.


    • Currently focusing on UK and Ireland. All of the current clients have dual-nationality of both however we’re looking at doing some promotion in other European countries that accept foreign artists/songs.

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