ESCDaily helps you fill the Eurovision void with a couple of new series

Eurovision 2020 Semi-Final Allocation Draw pots — Photo: Stijn Smulders

When we write this, it is the 2nd of May 2020. Normally, the rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 would have kicked off today. But we know, the year 2020 is not normal…

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will not be held. Most likely it will be in Rotterdam in 2021, as the city counsil of the Dutch city approved with additional funding. But the EBU has yet to confirm this.

Be as it may, we will not let the Eurovision 2020 season go by without a proper coverage. In the upcoming weeks and months, ESCDaily will still be your place to go for Eurovision-coverage from the unique point of view, like the Olympic Games of Music.

We do that with three special series, which we will explain below: Next Up: 2021, 2000 and Whatever and the Eurostream.

Next Up: 2021

In our new series Next Up: 2021 we will write about the plans for all 41 participating nations of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Will they keep their artist, or schedule in a new round of preselections? And is it wise to do so, or not? What improvements can be made, should they stick with artist?

People need perspective, as well all miss the Eurovision Song Contest so badly this year. We will provide that perspective, by looking ahead to 2021 in an analytic way.

2000 and Whatever

O, we do miss talking about our favourite entries and seeing them rise or fall at the rehearsals. To fill this void, we came up with the series ‘2000 and Whatever’ together with our partner website Eurovision Union.

Editors from both websites filled in their favourite songs for ALL Eurovision nations in the this decade. We judges the choices of each other. And we invite you to do the same! Let us know your favourites and/or what you think of our pickings.


Together with a lot of other Eurovision websites, we have set up an alternative contest in May, called Eurostream. Read all about it here.