Estonia: Big rule changes for Eesti Laul

The biggest music competition in Estonia, Eesti Laul, is coming again and this year there are some big changes to the rules. Previously only Estonian authors and residents were allowed to participate but now non-native authors have a chance to help make the next Estonian song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

For the first time in Eesti Laul history broadcaster ERR is inviting non-native lyricists and composers to co-author a song. However, at least half of the composition must have been authored by an Estonian or Estonian resident. The lyrics may be composed by any person of any nationality. Also new: This year ERR is reserving the right to extend an invitation to any artist they wish to enter the pre-contest selection jury phase of the competition, allowing us to target artists who we want to see in the competition.

One author or group of authors can participate in the contest with up to 3 songs. Also one single performer or a group of performers can submit up to 3 songs. In order to compete in the song contest the song has to be bought to the ERR’s reception at Gonsiori 27, Tallinn, by 1st of November 2016. Submissions are accepted until 15:00 (3 PM).

The Eesti Laul 2017 semi-finals will take place on the 11th and 18th of February at the ERR studios. The final will take place on the 4th of March at the Saku Arena for the second year in a row with Saku Suurhall again joining us as co-executive producer.