“Estonia is overrated in the betting market”

According to Panos Zannettos from Cyprus, Estonia is being overrated in the current odds within the betting market. The gambler says this in our latest podcast episode of Daily Coffee. “It is especially overrated in the win market, but it is also to short in the qualification market. Even though it will qualify.”

Panos told us, together with Erik Bolks from The Netherlands, what he thinks of the rehearsals thus far. For him, the Czech Repulic and Estonia stand out, but he is also very enthusiastic about Belarus. Zannettos does not rule out a top-10 place in the final “because there has to be at least one former Soviet state in the top-10.”

Have we seen the winner yet

Both Erik Bolks and Panos Zannettos think we have seen the winner already, but still keep an eye out for France and Germany of the direct qualifiers. If they do not deliver, the winner will have revealed itself already…

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  1. what a rubbish prediction haha
    Maybe they should stick to gambling football matches

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