Estonia: Kerli was living in solitude to prepare for Eesti Laul

Kerli is one of the main contenders to win the final of Eesti Laul this weekend, and the right to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Here is a message she recorded for us, especially for her fans.

She will perform the song ‘Spirit Animal’ this weekend, and prepared herself in a special way for Eurovision…

What does your song mean to you and what do you hope it means to the fans?

My song, ‘Spirit Animal’ is a shamanic journey through hyper colored fantasy worlds, inspired by animal totems, plant medicines and twin flames. I hope the listener can escape their ordinary reality by tuning into these dream scapes.

How are you preparing for the conclusion of Eesti Laul

We are working hard with my amazing team to have every detail as polished as possible. But besides that, I spend a lot of time in silence and meditation to gather all my forces for Saturday.

What would it mean to reach Eurovision?

After traveling the world for almost 15 years, I recently found a way back to my epic Estonian roots. I spent 9 months living in solitude in the forest of South Estonia, making the art you have been hearing lately, including “Spirit Animal”. It would be a huge honor to represent this land and the people I care so deeply for.