Estonia: See a preview from the semifinals of “Eesti Laul”

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Estonian competition “Eesti Laul” is set to kick off this weekend, as the first semi final of the show is aired on national television. Although the show is more to showcase music from the country, the winning song will also represent Estonia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

The semi-finals of the show have been recorded over the past week in ERR’s studios in the capital Tallinn, and will be aired over the next two Saturday evenings at 20.35 CET. The final of the competition will be shown live from the Nokia concert hall on March 3rd, consisting of five acts from each semi final. Daily television programme “Ringvaade” has shown preview clips of all the semi-finalists performances from the semi finals, advance of the show this weekend. The video can also be viewed below –


Below you can see the lineup for each semi-final in “Eesti Laul”, and can hear their competing songs by clicking the singer/band’s name.

Semifinal 1:
1. Janne Saar – Fight for love
2. Erasmus Rotterdamist – Kuu pääle
3. MIA – Bon voyage
4. Milky Whip – My love
5. POP Maniacs – I don’t know
6. Ott Lepland– Kuula
7. August Hunt – Tantsulõvi
8. Soundclear – A Little Soldier
9. Liis Lemsalu – Made Up My Mind
10. Loss Paranoias – Valedetektor

Semifinal 2:
1. Traffic – NASA
2. Lenna – Mina Jään
3. Malcolm Lincoln – Bye
4. Tenfold Rabbit – Oblivion
5. Birgit Õigemeel – You’re Not Alone
6. Soul Militia – The Future is Now
7. Mimicry – The Destination
8. Orelipoiss – Zombi
9. Teele Viira – City Nights
10. Cat Eye – Ride

Stay Tuned!