Euroclub: Kids get a safe space to party

For the first time this year, press is not allowed at the Euroclub after hectic rehearsal days. This decision was made by the steering group a while before the Junior Eurovision took place. “It’s the best for the competing children,” Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev has stated.

The reactions on the decision have been mixed from the artists. While Ivana & Magdalena from Macedonia and Destiny from Malta seems to have had a great time at Euroclub, there are others that seems to be less fond of the place. “The first time it was fun, but then the next day it was really boring,” Kamilla from San Marino said in a interview with ESCDaily.

Executive Supervisor Yakovlev expressed that the children deserve that night off alone, after a long day of rehearsals and communication with the press. “In general, the press here is nice to everyone. But you never know if there’s going to pop a rude cameraman somewhere. This is the best for the kids,” Yakovlev clearly expressed.