Ukraine: Eurovision 2011 ‘marathon’ selection

Later this week, Ukraine are set to begin their quest to find a singer to participate for the country at Eurovision 2011. NTU, the Ukrainian national broadcaster plans a marathon selection procedure, spanning over six months. Below can find some information given from NTU to ESCDaily about the procedures.

As already reported, castings will be held between Thursday 19th and Friday 20th August at Olmeca Plage beach club in Kyiv. These castings are open to anyone, regardless of popularity in the music industry in order to give an equal oppertunity to everyone. Participants can sing any song (either their own, or by other Ukrainian songwriters) they wish during this stage, except their proposed Eurovision song, as to respect the ‘October 1st’ rule which prohibits Eurovision entries being published before this date. All performers have also been asked to bring swimwear for after their casting performance, in order to enjoy the sun at the beach club venue with their fellow contestants. On Saturday 21st August, NTU will publish a list of 30 quarterfinalists.

During each Sunday in September (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th) NTU will broadcast the entire castings in 1,5 hour shows. After this, ten semi-finals will take place each Sunday from October 17th – December 19th, with one participant eliminated from the running each week. Voting in all of the semifinals will be with a 50/50 split between the jury and televote.

After the ten semifinals, a gala concert with all of the 20 finalists will take place on December 26th, and a national final tour will begin on January 15th 2011 around Ukraine, which is expected to visit over 20 cities.

Finally, after a six month selection, the national final (which will include the participants Eurovision songs) will take place on 27th February. Again, the final will be with 50/50 jury & televoting. Hosts of all of the shows will be Timur Miroshnichenko (Ukraine’s commentator at Eurovision events at host of national selections, and Junior Eurovision 2009) along with Tetyana Honcharenko.

NTU have announced that over 50 performers have applied so far, but this figure is expected to rise over the next two days. A number of popular performers have also been confirmed to participate in the castings – you can see the names below, by clicking them you can find past songs from them.

Jamala – winner of “New Wave 2009” contest
Anastasiya Prikhodko – Russia’s Eurovision 2009 participant, with the song “Mamo
Verka Serduchka – Ukraine’s participant at Eurovision 2007, 2nd place with the song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai
Alexey Mattias – Ex-participant of “Star Factory” and participant of Ukraine’s second Eurovision 2010 national final, Placing third
El Kravchuk – Participant of Ukraine’s 2nd national final 2010, and interval act performer at the 2009 national final
Zaklyopki – Participant of New Wave 2008 and Ukrainian 2009 and 2010 national finals
Dima Kidnai – Ex-participant of “Star Factory” and interval act performer at Ukranian JESC 2010 national final
Para Normalnyh – Participant at “New Wave” 2009

ESCDaily will be informing readers with all the news from all phases of the “Marathon” preselection, which we hope runs successfully.