Eurovision 2015: Exciting Early Opportunity

Preparations for Eurovision 2015 have already begun as British songwriting company Light Blue Music announced today that it has set up a sub-division aimed at finding and working with the best talent for next summer.

The songwriting team, which is signed to EMI and has previously achieved a shortlist place in various National Selections over the past three years, has established Eurovision Enterprises in order to connect with the best singers, songwriters and producers across Europe ahead of next year’s competition.
Their aim is to work with the very best European talent in order to collaborate and enter several different National Selections. A spokesman said: “We want to hear from everyone – from singers and producers who need songs to songwriters who want to compete and are interested in collaborating.”
Previous Eurovision entry experience is preferred, but not essential, and those interested are asked to email:
Important: Those emailing should include a brief musical background about themselves and, if possible, a sample song on mp3 (no website links please).


  1. Don’t think they done any ESC songs cause they in rhat case referer to and do not need to anounce for help from professionals either

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