Eurovision 2016: ‘Russia and Sweden are the early favourites’

We know 40 out of the 42 entries for the Eurovision Song Contest so it is time to make up our minds. Who are the early favourites to win in Stockholm? According to professional gambler Daniel Gould, Sweden and Russia have good a chance.

“It is a very open year, with arguments against all countries,” Daniel from starts off. “But there are fewer arguments against Russia and Sweden. Russia has a very classic Eurovision sound, a strong voting block behind them for a very big name. And Sweden has a little bit of the X-Factor this year. Something that will appeal to a certain demographic, young girls and then mothers.”

Since it is an open year, as Gould states. We could also be in for a surprise winner when the rehearsal begin: “Much like happened in 2014 with Austria and The Netherlands, there are a couple of entries that can stand out from the pack. It is hard to tell. The Latvian song is going to be very popular with juries and The Netherlands has a quality song from a young guy who is actually a charismatic superstar. They will surprise people in rehearsals and at the final.”

On Social Media we also see that Australia, Azerbaijan and France and Germany are doing well. But Daniel Gould does not think at this stage that a big-5 country will become a real contender: “I can not see them challenging Russia and Sweden for the win. Obviously, Germany has a very solid song, likely a top-10 finish. And France has a nice song which passes people by. I can’t see it making a dance on the scoreboard in May. I am surprised that it is this high in the betting market to be honest.”


  1. I hate russian song. one of the worst these year. and he doesnt have great vocal capabilities. sorry france song is much better. their song just sucks. i listened it once and couldnt listen again, coz its so awful. although my favs are ukraine and sweden

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