Eurovision 2016: ESC Daily covers the aftermath

It has been one week since Jamala took the crown at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, giving Ukraine their second victory in the history of the contest. In the upcoming days, ESC Daily will look at the aftermath of the 2016 contest.

We will take a look at the successes in this years contest, with the countries that got a top 10 result. Some of them have not had such a good result that often. But we also look at the disappointed nations, that did not do so well at the contest in Stockholm.

Eurovision 2016 is not an edition we will soon forget. Of course, because of the Australian result, but also with the introduction of a new voting system and the way the points are being announced. And a couple of nations saw their track record of 100% qualifications through semi finals being held to a stop. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece failed to qualify for the first time in history.

In the upcoming 14 episodes we will talk about the reactions after the results in Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Armenia, Ireland, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Australia and Ukraine. Follow them all!


  1. Okay, you always have to narrow your selection but The Netherlands is not on the list. 🙁

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