Eurovision 2016: Euroclub accessible for OGAE-members

The EBU has given some much anticipated information about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The Euroclub and Euro Fan Café will be open from the 2nd to the 14th of May, and are accessible for journalists, artists, delegations and OGAE-members.

In recent years the Euroclub was not open for regular fans of the contest, making the vibe in there different from other years where locals also got the chance to join the party. In Stockholm every evening the Euro Fan Café and EuroClub will be opened at 20:00. Press and fan media can move freely between the two venues. Euroclub will accommodate an additional three bars and a large stage where the participating artists can perform.

The Euro Fan Café will consist of three rooms on two floors with different concepts and four bars; A large lounge room on two floors with a stage and two bars, a smaller room with a bar and stage, as well as an outdoor terrace with a bar.

“We want to present the fans with the best conditions for an enjoyable time in Stockholm. By building the Euroclub and Euro Fan Café next door to each other we will achieve many highly anticipated synergies for Eurovision fans. We will host 3000 fans at Euroclub in addition to delegations, media and artists every day”, says Linnea Rosen, Head of EuroClub and Euro Fan Café.

“The fans are an important part of our content group. Together with the Swedish Melodifestivalklubben and largest fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest, OGAE, we have developed both the concept and content for Euro Fan Café”, she added. “We have been planning the overall program together. It’s been about everything from which DJs will perform, which questions should be asked in the quiz and what is the best time for Eurovision bingo. It will also be a lot of dancing!”

Registration for OGAE-membership access is open in the full month of March:
1. Register via the web form on the City of Stockholm website to purchase passes for the entire period.
2. Payment and retrieval of passes will take place in Stockholm, at the Globe Arena, next to the press centre at Hovet.