Eurovision 2016: Listen to the three entries selected this weekend

It has been a busy Eurovision weekend so far, with not less than 10 shows broadcasted last night – and we still have Latvia’s semi final to go! But before we head over to Riga, let us round up the most important choices and check-out the three entries that were selected for Stockholm.

On Friday, Austria made the interesting choice for a song in the French language: “Loin d’ici”, sung by the beautiful blonde ZOË. Last year’s host country held a national final with ten songs, in the end won by the entry you can watch below:

Denmark also went – as traditional – for a national final with ten songs, of which one was sung by an Australian girl: Anja Nissen. Unfortunately she did not manage to win the public vote in the superfinal. This boy band did go all the way:

And in Switzerland, Vincent Gross was the big favorite, but he was overtaken in a six song national final by Rykka! She will fly the Swiss flag in Stockholm with the following entry:

Italy chose Francesca Michielin as its Eurovision singer, but the song is not yet decided. Hungary, Iceland, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland and Sweden all chose finalists for their national selection, and Lithuania also continued down their long preselection road. But before we know the entries in those countries, we still have to wait a few more weeks!