Eurovision 2016: Semi-finals Allocation Draw on 25th of January

Things are getting serious now for the next host city of the Eurovision Song Contest. On Monday the 25th of January, the Host City Insignia exchange ceremony and the Semi-finals Allocation Draw will take place in Stockholm.

It will be the first official Eurovision event of the year in the next Host City. The Insignia is a chain with the symbolic keys of host cities of recent years, a tradition starting from Helsinki 2007. This time, it will be transferred from Vienna to Stockholm.

On the same date, the allocation of each country taking part in the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be drawn. Each nation will know in which semi-final of the 2016 contest they will take part. It is already known that Germany will broadcast and vote in the second semi-final, in which Israel will take part due to a planned national holiday on the date of the first semi-final.

The city of Stockholm is also looking for volunteers to work in the city from May 1st to May 15th. The deadline to apply for this has also been set on the 25th of January.