Eurovision 2017: Host city known within two months

Before the end of this summer, Ukrainian broadcaster NTU will announce in which city they will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The winning broadcaster in Stockholm revealed this during a press conference, in which they already hinted towards their capital Kiev.

The 2017 host city has to meet up with a lot of requirements, set by the European Broadcasting Union, including a proper venue, hotel capacity, transport, intrastructure, venues and decent international travel connections. All the bidding cities, including Kiev, Lviv and Odessa thus far, will be considered and evaluated by the Ukrainian broadcaster.

NTU’s General Director Victoria Romanova, also the Head of Delegation for Ukraine this year, spoke about the first details for the 2017 contest, especially the financial consequences of hosting next year: “People fear we do not have enough money to host the contest in Ukraine. I hope that this fear will soon become a source of pride and joy for the whole Ukraine. We need some additional funding, but this is an issue that must be resolved.”

For those who speak Russian; you might find this interview with Romanova interesting: