Eurovision 2017: Jon Ola Sand is ‘slightly worried time is running out’

Last week, the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest paid a visit to Kiev, to look at the progress the city is making when it comes to hosting the contest in May next year. After this visit, Executive Producer Jon Ola Sand has expressed his worries.

“There are hurdles that the authorities need to look into, to make sure the project can move swiftly. We still have full confidence in the NTU and the city of Kiev that they will manage this. But there are still some issues that have not been solved and we are slightly worried that the time is running out. They need to speed up to make it to the finish line,” Sand states in the video you can see below:

Biggest surprise after the meeting and conclusion of the EBU is that the organisation still did not decide to reschedule the contest to the last week of May. This would easily be possible, and would buy the NTU and city of Kiev extra time. Our own Dennis van Eersel gives you an update from Ukraine:


    • That would be one of the reasons why the EBU probably will not do it anymore. They should have postponed it earlier in the season, now it is a bit late. It still hits me that they did not reschedule the contest to late May instead of early May in the first place, not a smart move to say the least.

      Now they will only do it if it is REALLY necessary, which is probably not the case. The contest will take place as planned and on the scheduled dates the venue will definitely be ready, I have no doubt about that.

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