Eurovision 2017: NTU director says Kiev’s Palace of Sports is out

Accoring to NTU CEO Zurab Alasania, the Palace of Sports in Kiev has been rejected as a venue for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. “The Sports Palace is completely outdated, technically as well. Kyiv still has been offering it, but this option was rejected,” he states on Espreso TV.

“The Olympic stadium was also considered, initially there were three proposals from their side. And now we’re looking on to the International Exhibition Center”, said Alasania. “It has proven to be very difficult to invest in the Palace of Sports, as the city can not do it in accordance with the legislation. To be able to invest in the renovation, the objects should be returned to the communal property. If Kiev is chosen, the contest most definitely will take place in the International Exhibition Center.”

The other two cities that are still in the race to host Eurovision 2017 are Odessa and Dnipro. Broadcaster NTU and the EBU have postponed the decision on the host city a couple of times. They hope to make it official before the 24th of August.

The delay also increases the chance that the contest will be rescheduled for the final week of May. The proposed dates thus far have been a problem for either Ukraine, due to the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide on the 18th of May, or the EBU, due to the clash of the semi-finals with the Champions League and Europa League semi-finals. Rescheduling the contest for the last week of May will give the Ukrainians more time to prepare, and makes sure the contest does not clash with some major international sports events.