Eurovision 2017: Round-up of the City Battle

Tonight, the six candidate host cities for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 presented their bidbooks for the contest. ESC Daily gives you a round up of the show City Battle and tells you which cities made an impression, and which ones did not.

The winner will not be decided yet. Tomorrow, two cities will qualify for the final stage. That choice will be made by a committee of Ministers and NTU representatives. A delegation of the EBU will visit both potential host cities and make their decision together with host broadcaster NTU. That decision on the date, city and venue of Eurovision 2017 will be made public on the 1st of August.

After a summary of the requirements for the host city, all six got to do their presentations. These presentations of the bids consisted of a prerecorded video, a live talk and questions by a commity. Their venues should have a minimum capacity of 7000 spectators and must be available for the EBU for seven weeks. Also, the host city must provide good locations for the press centre, Euroclub Eurovillage, opening party and red carpet ceremony.

Lviv Rating-3.0-stars
The presentation of Lviv was held by the deputy mayor Andriy Moskalenko. Their video showed a story of fans who travel to Eurovision for many years and are now meeting in Lviv. The city can be reached by plane and train.

The football stadium Arena-Lviv is their proposed location for the contest. This is the only location that was mentioned in the presentation. They told nothing about plans for a roof construction for the open air venue, or the rumoured alternative EuroBasket Arena. The city of Lviv is still working out their proposals to cover the stadium.

The Eurovillage would be situated at the B. Khmelnitskiy Park, whist the opening party would be held at the Opera Theater. The location for the Euroclub has not been picked specifically, other than that it will be in another park in Lviv.

Lviv was considered one of the favourites before the bidding phase, but their plan is lacking a lot of details on some crucial elements of hosting the contest.

Viltali Klitschko has left this presentation to his deputy mayor Olexiy Reznikov. He says that Kiev would be ready to host the contest in two or three months time. The have several possible venues to offer, but their main priority is the Palace of Sports. After some renovations they want to give it a capacity of 10.000 spectators. Other potential venues in Kiev would be the International Exhibition Center, with a capacity of 50.000, they claim.

Currently there are negotiations with the Hockey Federation and Ministry of Sports in Ukraine, because a big international hockey event will take place a couple of weeks before the cotest in the Palace of Sports. Kiev states that Eurovision is their main priority, but this remains an issue of big uncertainty.

The press centre will be in the NSC Olimpiyskiy, about 400 meters from the Palace of Sports. The Euroclub will also be located in there. The Eurovillage is planned to be on the Troitska Square, nearby. This would make it a walking distance between all key locations.

The deputy mayor of Kiev further claims that Kiev has the most suitable hotels of all cities, making if the perfect location for Eurovision 2017. Also, Kiev is the only city with two airports and a lot of direct international flights.

Mayor Boris Filatov explains that the city needs an investment of 500 million by the government, to host the contest. They want the DniproEuro Arena as their venue, with 9500 people in it. The press centre and Euroclub will be placed in buildings nearby. He claims that “of a true decentralization in Ukraine is taking place, Eurovision should not be hosted in the capital. The new history of Ukraine is being created now.”

The Dnipro Arena, together with the Palace of Sports in Kiev, are the only venues that already have a roof on it. A major issue for the EBU. There is good transportation towards the venue, lots of parking spaces ad all required facilities.

Biggest question is concerning the transport to the city. There is an airport, but there almost no direct flights to it from other European cities. It normally serves only 5000 people per day. However, there will be some big investments in the infrastructure and airport (650 million!)

Odessa has their deputy mayor, Pavlo Vugelman, to present their bid. He did it with a rap… But he also showed a video with the beautiful landscapes of Odessa. Winning artist Jamala has supported their bid, and the city already has 2000 volunteers that have applied to help during the contest’s weeks.

The city of Odessa can be reached by plane, train, bus and boat. Their proposed venue is the Chernomorets Stadium. The press centre will be inside the stadium. Since it is an open air stadium, they propose to cover it with a tent, giving it a capacity of 12.000 people. The plan reminds us of the proposed tent for Copenhagen in 2014.

All locations for the Euroclub are in the open air. The Eurovillage will be in either the central park or at the waterfront. Some big issues, that are not in line with the requirements issued by the EBU.

Igor Terekhov, another deputy mayor, is answering the questions for Kharkov. He says that it was a difficult decision to enter this race, but they have found enough funds to host the contest without financial issues for the future. The infrastructure is already good enough to host the contest, says Terekhov.

The Metallist football stadium can get a roof on top of it. There are already columns in the stadium installed for that purpose. It can be done within four or five months and at relatively low costs.

We get no information on the other locations. Leaving us with a lot of question marks after the presentation.

Mayor Volodymyr Mykolaenko is on stage for the last “bid”. Kherson does not have a venue ready yet for their proposal, but they state that more events should be given to small regional cities. Because Ukraine (and Kherson) has beautiful weather, the event can be held in an open arena. There are no mentions of a press centre, Euroclub, Eurovillage and other locations and the bid does not seem that well-prepared.